The Best Musical Kids TV Shows Ever Made

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Chances are if you grew up sometime in the latter half of the 20th century, your childhood was filled with musical television programs that you sang along to and might even remember the lyrics for as an adult. Sing-along and musical kids shows are nothing new, which is why everyone has their absolute favorites. Whether you fondly remember a show you grew up with or came to love one that your children enjoyed, chances are, you have an absolute favorite!

The best musical shows for kids are easily some of the best television ever made for children, often combining learning with music like Sesame Street. Musical shows for teens balance covers of old favorites with sitcom drama and allow young people to keep on singing without feeling like they're watching kid stuff. Little do they know, musical kids shows keep being fun even when you grow up. There are hundreds of amazing programs in this genre to choose from. To narrow it down, this list has highlighted the very best of them all, but not every show is created equally. Whether you prefer to sing along with the characters on the screen, enjoy the programming for its educational benefit, or simply love the tunes, these series are the best musical kids shows of all time.

This list is only focusing on non-animated, live-action series for children and young teens, so please vote up your favorite, and don't forget to add any we missed!

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