The Best New Musical Shows Of 2022

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Vote up the best TV musical series that premiered their first season in 2022.

The best musical shows are a concert and a show in one, and the best musical shows of 2022 will have you singing along. From revivals of old favorites you never forgot the words to and catchy new series serving singles with their stories, the new musical TV series premiering in 2022 are music to our ears.

Sure, a lot of 2022's new musical shows are for kids - but that's fine, their songs are fun too. And when the new kids musical series are things like a reboot of Fraggle Rock and Barbie: It Takes Two, where "Malibu"Barbie Roberts and "Brooklyn" Barbie Roberts are going to a music school? That's fun for everyone. But, if you get a little tired of kiddie music, there are definitely some steamier songs on series such as the musical romantic comedy Once Upon a Time... Happily Never After or the club-heavy dance off drama from Colombia, Savage Rhythm.

Check out the 2022 musical shows below and vote up the best new musical series, then see where your new favorites rank.