The Best Mustaches in Film

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Don't just pick your favorite characters, vote up the most impressive and dapper mustaches from the history of film.

When men want to show off their dapper, manly style, many opt for the mustache. Though mustaches can easily cross the line from classy and refined to creepy and repulsive, at least you can count on the film world to get it right. The classic film characters on this list all have epic, unique, and memorable mustaches. Which film characters have the best mustaches?

Though many characters from Western films have some impressive 'staches, that genre doesn't have a monopoly on the facial hair look. Comedic characters like Ron Burgundy and Borat also rock the hairy upper lip look. Daniel Day-Lewis appears twice on this list, thanks to his excellent choice in roles, apparently only selecting characters who absolute must have a mustache.

The awesome film character mustaches on this list are memorable either for their bushiness, their carefully sculpted handlebar look, or for inspiring all your hipster friends' own mustaches, these film characters just wouldn't be the same without their iconic facial hair.

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