The Best Mustaches in Film

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Don't just pick your favorite characters, vote up the most impressive and dapper mustaches from the history of film.

When men want to show off their dapper, manly style, many opt for the mustache. Though mustaches can easily cross the line from classy and refined to creepy and repulsive, at least you can count on the film world to get it right. The classic film characters on this list all have epic, unique, and memorable mustaches. Which film characters have the best mustaches?

Though many characters from Western films have some impressive 'staches, that genre doesn't have a monopoly on the facial hair look. Comedic characters like Ron Burgundy and Borat also rock the hairy upper lip look. Daniel Day-Lewis appears twice on this list, thanks to his excellent choice in roles, apparently only selecting characters who absolute must have a mustache.

The awesome film character mustaches on this list are memorable either for their bushiness, their carefully sculpted handlebar look, or for inspiring all your hipster friends' own mustaches, these film characters just wouldn't be the same without their iconic facial hair.

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Most divisive: Lionel McCready

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    The Stranger
    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY

    In this classic film, Orson Welles portrays a Nazi war criminal hiding in an American suburb, sporting an iconic mustache that vividly conveys menace and mystery. The meticulously groomed facial hair adds depth to the character, revealing a man who is calculating and sinister. The mustache remains unforgettable, earning its place among the most influential in cinematic history.

    • Film: The Big Lebowski
    • Actor: Sam Elliott
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    Wyatt Earp

    Wyatt Earp
    Photo: flickr / CC0

    Kevin Costner's portrayal of the legendary lawman in the eponymous film features an impressive walrus-style mustache that perfectly captures the essence of the Old West. The well-groomed facial hair symbolizes Earp's dedication to upholding order and maintaining a strict moral code. The powerful mustache contributes to the character's credibility and presence and remains one of the most memorable in Western films.

    • Film: Tombstone
    • Actor: Kurt Russell
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  • Bill 'The Butcher' Cutting
    Photo: flickr / CC0

    Daniel Day-Lewis delivers a chilling performance as a ruthless gang leader in Martin Scorsese's historical drama, sporting a meticulously crafted handlebar mustache. The twisted facial hair mirrors the nefarious and brutal nature of the character, enhancing the film's tension and emotional impact. Bill 'The Butcher' Cutting's mustache has since become an emblem of unbridled villainy in cinema.

    • Film: Gangs of New York
    • Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis
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    Peter Mitchell

    Peter Mitchell
    Photo: flickr / CC0

    In the beloved comedy, Tom Selleck plays a bachelor turned caretaker, sporting a signature thick, bushy mustache that perfectly complements his laid-back demeanor. The well-groomed facial hair contrasts with the chaos and confusion of fatherhood, emphasizing the humor and heartwarming moments throughout the film. This iconic mustache has made Peter Mitchell one of Tom Selleck's most endearing roles.

    • Film: 3 Men and a Baby
    • Actor: Tom Selleck
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    Pedro De Pacas

    Pedro De Pacas
    Photo: flickr / CC0

    Cheech Marin's character in this classic stoner comedy sports a wispy, thin mustache that highlights his easygoing and carefree personality. The facial hair adds a touch of authenticity to the character, evoking the cultural milieu of the 1970s counterculture movement. This signature mustache has become synonymous with the film's irreverent humor and enduring appeal.

    • Film: Up in Smoke
    • Actor: Cheech Marin
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    Danny Trejo's portrayal of the titular character in this action-packed film showcases a fierce and intimidating mustache, embodying the tough and relentless persona of Machete. The bold facial hair signifies the character's unwavering commitment to justice and revenge, becoming an essential aspect of his visual identity. This mustache remains a symbol of strength and resilience in action cinema.

    • Film: Machete
    • Actor: Danny Trejo
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