The Best 'My Hero Academia' Characters

Let's rank the best characters from My Hero Academia! Not only does the popular anime have a great story, striking art, and amazing fight scenes, it also has some seriously well-developed characters. Every viewer has their own favorite character from My Hero Academia. Some love Bakugo for his flashy powers and oddly endearing anger management issues. Some love Midoriya because he's got all the good attributes of a standard shonen hero and none of the bad. Maybe Todoroki, with his tragic past and broody demeanor, is more your speed. Or maybe your favorite character is Tsuyu, because she's a frog and she's smarter than everyone else in the whole show. Who are your favorite MHA characters? 

Cast your vote for the best My Hero Academia character, and let the world know your thoughts. If you don't like a character, vote them down to the bottom of the list.

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Photo: My Hero Academia/Funimation
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