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The 19 Best My Hero Academia Fights (So Far)

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One of the most important things about shonen anime is the fight scenes. To be truly great, battle scenes need to not only feature stellar animation and high stakes, but also need to pull double duty by furthering the plot and developing characters. My Hero Academia fights deliver, offering up a series of amazing fights that are hard to overlook.

Which are the best fights in My Hero Academia? Every fight has something to make it worth recommending, but some stand out above the rest. Aizawa's battle against a group of villains during the Unforeseen Simulation Joint arc showed exactly how badass the hero/homeroom teacher can truly be. Meanwhile, Midoriya and Katsuki's rule-breaking dispute led to Bakugo actually being emotionally vulnerable, and led to a change in how the two childhood-friends-turned enemies related to one another. And of course, there's the ultimate showdown between One-For-All and All Might.

With so many great fights, there are sure to be at least a few that stick out in your memory.

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    Kirishima & Fatgum Vs. Rappa & Tengai

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    This fight gives Kirishima the backstory and development his character deserves, and the result is breathtaking. As him and his mentor, Fatgum, are backed into a corner by Rappa and Tengai, Kirishima resolves to face his fears and shields Fatgum from harm even as his body breaks over and over again. This emotional fight put Kirishima at the top of many fans' favorite character list and marked the beginning of the Unbreakable Red Riot. 

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    Deku, Iida, & Todoroki Vs. Stain

    The fight between Iida, Todoroki, Midoriya, and Stain is a knock-down drag-out that happens in the middle of an alleyway. It's spurred by Iida's attempt at revenge on the man who attacked and paralyzed his older brother. Stain is a formidable opponent whose quirk allows him to control other people by ingesting their blood, so the three barely make it out alive. Not only is their very survival in question, but so is the impact on their careers: they don't have hero licenses, so will they be punished and lose the opportunity to further their careers? What is the morality of Iida's choice to seek revenge? Will they be able to protect Native, the incapacitated hero who they find half-killed by Stain? And what about all the Nomu buzzing around the city at the same time? This high-stakes fight is hard not to get invested in.

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    Deku Vs. Todoroki

    Toward the end of the Sports Festival, Midoriya goes up against Shoto Todoroki, who has been acting vaguely menacing toward him since the start of the competition. The best thing about their showdown is that Todoroki finally uses the fiery side of his quirk, which he had previously refused to use on the grounds of not wanting to be like his father. Midoriya could have easily defeated him if he hadn't talked him through his emotional issues and persuaded him not to let his grudge against his father control his life, but his earnest desire to help others got the better of him. 

    Midoriya loses after being knocked out of the ring by an explosion created by a combination of super-heated ice and Midoriya's fists. It's a close, intense match, and though Midoriya loses the match, his higher priorities are made clear.

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    Deku Vs. Muscular

    After villains attacked U.A.'s training camp, everything devolved into chaos, and multiple battles sprung up everywhere. Perhaps the most fascinating one was the fight between Izuku and Muscular, a guy who could manipulate his muscles to produce unimaginable strength. Muscular spends most of the battle toying with Midoriya, laughing about how easy it will be to defeat him, and how he's going to kill the 5-year-old boy that Midoriya is trying to protect, Kota. Midoriya nearly gives up, but Kota uses his quirk on Muscular, prompting Midoriya to snap out of it, and activate his quirk at 1,000,000% of its normal power. He smashes Muscular straight into a wall, defeating him instantly. This is the first time that Midoriya has to protect someone who is totally helpless from danger, and it gives him insight into what being a hero is truly about.

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