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The 19 Best My Hero Academia Fights (So Far)

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One of the most important things about shonen anime is the fight scenes. To be truly great, battle scenes need to not only feature stellar animation and high stakes, but also need to pull double duty by furthering the plot and developing characters. My Hero Academia fights deliver, offering up a series of amazing fights that are hard to overlook.

Which are the best fights in My Hero Academia? Every fight has something to make it worth recommending, but some stand out above the rest. Aizawa's battle against a group of villains during the Unforeseen Simulation Joint arc showed exactly how badass the hero/homeroom teacher can truly be. Meanwhile, Midoriya and Katsuki's rule-breaking dispute led to Bakugo actually being emotionally vulnerable, and led to a change in how the two childhood-friends-turned enemies related to one another. And of course, there's the ultimate showdown between One-For-All and All Might.

With so many great fights, there are sure to be at least a few that stick out in your memory.

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    Endeavor & Hawks Vs. High-End

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    Although many fans dislike Endeavor (and for good reason), this epic fight might have people changing their perspectives on his character. When a new and intelligent Nomu called High-End confronts Endeavor and Hawks, they both team up to defeat this powerful Nomu. This is an important fight in the series as it marks the beginning of a world without All Might as the Symbol of Peace. Endeavor has a heavy burden as the new No. 1 hero, but he proves himself in a truly amazing and emotional fight. This marks the start of Endeavor's path to redemption and forgiveness. Plus, fans finally get to see Hawks in action as well. 

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    All Might Vs. All For One

    The fight between All Might and All-For-One is one of the most intense battles in anime history, not just in My Hero Academia. The two long time rivals are sincerely attempting to destroy each other, though All-For-One is more focused on taunting All Might, while All Might is growing increasingly frustrated and desperate. Though he's ultimately able to defeat the villain using the United States of Smash, the most powerful attack in his arsenal, the effort leaves him totally unable to retain his muscle form or even use One For All anymore. As All-For-One is arrested and taken to a maximum security prison, All Might's true form is revealed to the world. He tells Midoriya that he's next, a message that only Midoriya understands. It's a scene that the whole show has been leading up to, and it's every bit of amazing as one would hope.

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    Deku Vs. Overhaul

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    After all the damage Overhaul and the yakuza have done, Deku attempts to end it once and for all in this climactic battle. Fans also get to see Deku fight to his full potential. This marks the first fight where Deku is able to use 100% of One For All without injuring himself, thanks to Eri's Quirk. Despite Overhaul revealing his new, monstrous form, Deku is able to go toe-to-toe with the Season 4 villain in a fight that is easily one of the most memorable to date.

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    Mirio Vs. Overhaul

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    Has there ever been a fight more heroic and tragic than this one? In order to save Eri, Mirio risks everything. Not only is it amazing to watch Mirio skillfully use his Quirk against Overhaul's powers, but the compassion he shows Eri as he tells her that he'll be her hero is enough to water your eyes. Of course, the tears start pouring once you see the shocking event that changes Mirio's life forever. This intense fight proves that Mirio truly encompasses what it means to be a hero.

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