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The 18 Greatest 'My Hero Academia' Ships

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My Hero Academia grew to massive popularity within the anime community and beyond since first airing in 2016 - and, of course, with every long-standing or popular anime, you know one thing always follows: shipping!

The best My Hero Academia ships may not be the focal point of the plot, but they do provide a point of interest for fans of the show. A variety of characters exist in the My Hero series, all with different powers and personalities that give shippers great material to work with.

People adore thinking about cute pairings for Izuku, but other popular characters such as Tsuyu made their way into the hearts of the fanbase. Coming from a newer show, My Hero Academia ships are less-renowned than other popular anime couples, but rest assured if the show maintains its hot streak, the ships will continue to sail.

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    Kyoka And Denki

    Kyoka And Denki
    Photo: nurBAW / DeviantArt

    An electrifying ship, Kyoka and Denki are simply adorable. The two appear frequently around each other, accompanied by their constant banter. Viewers know Denki's electricity packs some surprising power, one that comes at a cost; he's usually wiped out by the end of it. Kyoka enjoys providing commentary on this fact, and a lot of fan art on the two recently helped this ship to float.  

    User nurBAW, whom you can find at DeviantArt, created the above artwork.

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    Toru And Mashirao

    Toru And Mashirao
    Photo: Koharun / DeviantArt

    While you can't see her, Toru is always the life of the party at school. Her hard-working spirit and wonderfully bright personality make her a pretty cute fit for someone like Mashirao. While he always comes across just a little bit embarrassed by her, Mashirao possesses the kind of attributes that would make a very cute coupling with his equal dedication to being a hero and good student. 

    User Koharun, whom you can find at DeviantArt, created the above artwork.

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    Mt. Lady And Kamui Woods

    Are they dating or are they not? During the Hero Billboard Chart JP event, Mt. Lady is asked by the press whether she's dating Kamui Woods. She just answers, "No comment." Since she neither denied nor confirmed these rumors, fans can speculate that their must be something going on between these two. Especially since they work on the same team now, it wouldn't be surprising that they end up together. 

    User Ravencourse, whom you can find at DeviantArt, created the above artwork.

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    Izuku And Ochako

    Izuku And Ochako
    Photo: Locke3K / DeviantArt

    As the lead character, Izuku gets shipped with a lot of people, but Ochako remains one of his constant companions since the entrance exam. Viewers see these two together everywhere, and as the series progresses, it becomes clear they both share feelings for each other.

    Through fighting together, supporting each other, and being the best of friends, Izuku and Ochako form a ship that is simply pure. 

    User Locke3K, whom you can find at DeviantArt, created the above artwork.