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The 25 Best My Hero Academia Tattoos Ever Inked

Tattoo art is always incredible when done by a talented artist. It's a way to preserve art on yourself for all to see and certainly shows off your interests. Anime tattoos are exceptionally cool because there's a variety of styles you can choose from; some people enjoy having a very detailed, fully colored picture in an iconic pose while others may just get an entire scene from the manga printed on their arm. The possibilities are endless! For those who choose to get a My Hero Academia tattoo, it's even cooler. There's tons of color and details, plus a variety of characters to choose from. 

If you love My Hero Academia, and you're not afraid of needles, you should definitely check out some of the incredible designs available for anime fans. Many of these will make you want to show off your hero pride by getting one as well!

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    A Crazy Cover Up!

    Tattoo done by @kacey_meg. 

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    Just Look At That Detail!

    Tattoo done by @simonkbell. 

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    Our Powers Won't Work Anymore

    Tattoo done by @gymleader.brock.

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    A Simple And Elegant Design

    Tattoo done by @wideyedhenny.

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