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The 23 Best 'My Hero Academia' Villains To Appear So Far

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For a show about heroes, My Hero Academia boasts a large cast of fascinating villains. Each one operates on a different motive, ranging from villains like Stain who commit nefarious acts for what they see as the greater good, to villains like Moonfish who simply want to satisfy their gruesome desires.

Some of these villains possess incredible quirks that make them formidable opponents. So who are the best My Hero Academia villains and how do they stack up against the best My Hero Academia characters?

Not all of the great villains in My Hero Academia have made their way into the anime yet. Chisaki Kai emerged as arguably one of the greatest villains in the entire series, but for now, he remains manga-only.

While this list only celebrates villains who've appeared in the anime, Chisaki may one day be able to join their ranks. And when he does, he's gonna be up against some competition.

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    Due to his ability to quickly warp groups of people to various locations, Kurogiri proves himself an indispensable member of the League of Villains. He also acts as a coolheaded foil for Tomura Shigaraki, who often wants to start destroying things with no plan. 

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    As the young leader of the now ailing Yakuza organization, Shie Hassaikai, Overhaul has some big ambitions to make it out on top - and it involves some truly heinous acts of crime, especially against a young child named Eri. Plus, it doesn't help that his Quirk is both powerful and terrifying: the ability to disassemble and reassemble anything he touches, even living things. He is truly a formidable villain you don't want to mess with. 

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    Though he uses inarguably villainous methods, Stain actually fights for something he believes in. He thinks the current hero system is corrupt, that true heroes receive no money for saving lives, and that society venerates people who are unworthy.

    To spread his message, he attacks heroes using Bloodcurdle, a quirk that allows him to control people by ingesting their blood.

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    Mr. Compress

    Mr. Compress is probably the most intelligent member of the Vanguard Action Squad. Rather than simply running off to beat people up for his own amusement, he plans to carry out the team's mission: kidnapping Katsuki Bakugo.

    His quirk allows him to compress people and objects into tiny round balls, making them easily transportable.

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