The 25 Best 'My Hero Academia' Villains To Appear So Far

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For a show about heroes, My Hero Academia boasts a large cast of fascinating villains. Each one operates on a different motive, ranging from villains like Stain who commit nefarious acts for what they see as the greater good, to villains like Moonfish who simply want to satisfy their gruesome desires.

Some of these villains possess incredible quirks that make them formidable opponents. So who are the best My Hero Academia villains and how do they stack up against the best My Hero Academia characters?

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    Photo: My Hero Academia / Bones

    Similar to Toga, Dabi looks up to Stain, though he identifies more with the man's views than Toga does.

    Dabi believes Stain's opinions on the hero system, and his methods for destroying those involved, hold merit, but he wants to pursue his own version of those goals through the League of Villains.

    Dabi's methods to further this pursuit involve using his powerful fire-based quirk, Cremation, in battle. 

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    Himiko Toga
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    Himiko Toga joins the League of Villains in order to emulate her idol, Stain—but she also wants to murder him and become him.

    This falls in line with her general worldview. When she loves someone, she adores them even more when they're visibly injured, especially if she inflicted the wounds.

    Her quirk allows her to transform into people after getting ahold of their blood, which gives her ample opportunity to practice her sadism. 

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    Tomura Shigaraki
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    With disembodied hands covering Tomura Shigaraki's face and other body parts, he boasts one of the most distinct visages in the series. The hands' purpose never really comes to light, but because he wears more of them during battle, it's possible they boost his quirk, which allows him to disintegrate anything he touches.

    Tomura's motives fall in a hazy area. He distrusts heroes – specifically All Might – because they once failed to protect him from a villain's attack, but he also wants to destroy things for fun. All For One raises him as a successor, but so far he lacks the restraint and strategical thinking needed to take the reigns effectively.

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    Twice sports an energetic and friendly personality, but his quirk causes him quite a bit of hardship.

    Twice finds his ability to clone himself useful at first, since he had each clone take care of one aspect of his life. But when his clones began claiming they're as the original, Twice suffers an identity crisis that gets in the way of his activities with the League of Villains. 

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    Due to his ability to quickly warp groups of people to various locations, Kurogiri proves himself an indispensable member of the League of Villains. He also acts as a coolheaded foil for Tomura Shigaraki, who often wants to start destroying things with no plan. 

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    Though he uses inarguably villainous methods, Stain actually fights for something he believes in. He thinks the current hero system is corrupt, that true heroes receive no money for saving lives and that society venerates people who are unworthy.

    To spread his message, he attacks heroes using Bloodcurdle, a quirk that allows him to control people by ingesting their blood.

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