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The Best Mystery Movies of 2020

Updated 13 Jul 2020 118 votes 24 voters 2.6k views17 items

It's time to put on your detective's hat and vote for the best mystery movies of 2020. From headscratchers that keep you guessing until the very end to taught thrillers that keep you on the edge of your seat until you solve the puzzle, these 2020 mystery movies give you the cerebral workout you want. Mystery movies can sometimes lose the audience withe intricate enigmas that they weave. But the top mystery movies this year are great whodunits! Now its time to solve this mystery: which of these films is the best mystery movie of 2020?

You get to help decide with your votes. Vote up new mysteries that you felt were both intelligent and entertaining the best sure to check back as upcoming mystery movies are released and added to this list.

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