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The Very Best Mystery Shows & Movies

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There's something about good mystery movies and television shows that keep you on the edge of your seat. Are you the type of viewer who figures out whodunnit in the first few moments of the movie and wait to see if you are right? Do you prefer to see who the culprit is in the beginning and focus more on how they are caught? Whatever your interest in the genre, Hollywood has made some of their best films and television series over the years following the mystery genre.

Fortunately, there have been some recent additions to the mystery genre audiences have greatly enjoyed. In film, fairly new mystery movies like Mystic River and Eyes Wide Shut help keep the audience guessing throughout the entire film. When it comes to mystery shows on TV, some make you wonder who the guilty party is right up to the last few episodes like on USA's The Mentalist while other series like Monk tend to show you right up front who did it and it's up to the detective to determine just how and make sure the criminal pays.

Which mystery movies and shows deserve the top spots on this list? Help decide the top mystery shows and movies by giving your favorites a thumbs up and adding any good ones missing from the list.

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