The Best Mystery Subscription Boxes

Are you always the first person to figure out how to solve an escape room? Are you a fan of mystery or suspense novels? Are you drawn to tricky, macabre riddles? Well, you can step into one and become a detective yourself with one of these mystery subscription boxes. Here, you'll find a series of mystery subscriptions that revolve around crimes or adventures that are up to you to solve. Perfect for game night or for those looking to keep their skills sharp, each of these mystery bundles keeps the fun coming all year long. 

Whether you're up for unlocking mysteries revolving around actual historical events or want to try your hand at catching a serial killer, one of these monthly crates has got you covered.

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  • Finders Seekers Mysteries

    Explore mysteries around the world by joining The Society of Seekers. Each month you'll receive puzzles, codes, and cryptic messages themed around a different global location. Items and extras will vary depending on the mystery, and everyone aged 10 and up can play (making this is a great option for the entire family). Most 'Finds' can be completed in under four hours.

    Reviewer Matthew K on Cratejoy says:

    That was so much fun! I really enjoyed that there were so many puzzles to solve in just one box. The quality of the included items was great. Those who are new to this should know that it requires an Internet connection to get some of the online clues and to progress through the mystery. Time flew by so fast playing this game. I loved that there was an educational component to it, too. The kids (and even the adults) get to learn about other countries and time periods. This is the perfect family night activity. I can't wait for next month!

    Start your mystery for $30.00/ month

  • Hunt A Killer

    Step into your own thriller novel as you join the hunt to catch a serial killer. Every month, you'll get a box full of seemingly random clues that all have a hidden meaning. As you collect the clues over a series of months, you'll be able to piece them together as you become a detective and try to crack the case. As one of the most popular mystery subscription boxes on the market, Hunt A Killer has already shipped more than a million episodes.

    Reviewer Michaela Peringer on Trustpilot says:

    I love puzzles and my fiancee loves true crime, so Hunt a Killer is perfect for us! The materials have an authentic feel & make the whole experience that much more engaging. We feel like real detectives! I love having the option to ship the next box right away instead of having to wait till the next month.

    Catch the killer for $30.00/ month

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  • The Deadbolt Mystery Society

    Get a new case file to crack each month with The Deadbolt Mystery Society. Perfect for lovers of mystery, suspense, and puzzles, each month you'll get to unleash your inner detective and become a part of the story. The boxes are heavy on puzzles and are designed by escape room creators, so expect lots of problem-solving scenarios. Interactive components also help bring all the various stories to life. 

    Reviewer Erin G on Cratejoy says:

    We absolutely love being a part of the Deadbolt Mystery Society! The puzzles are challenging but solve able, the story lines are great and so much fun! This is the perfect stay-in date night for parents or anyone who isn’t into the bar scene. We have almost all of the individual purchase ones that you can possibly buy and I have signed up for a subscription because I just can’t get enough.

    Uncover the culprit for $24.99/ month

  • Escape The Crate

    Turn your living room into an escape room every other month with Escape the Crate. Each box brings new codes to crack, riddles to solve, and puzzles to decipher as you solve historical mysteries with friends and family. Most games tend to last an hour, and boxes are shipped bi-monthly. While games are typically designed for one to four people, up to six players can participate. 

    Chad B on Cratejoy raves:

    Just finished playing a box at a friend's place and all I can say is WOW! It was just like an actual escape room. There were a lot of puzzles to do, which was a good thing and I liked how we could stop playing for a bit and come back in later. There also were buttons to push for the computer to read things aloud as we played, which was good because it was hard to hear some people reading too quickly. I just signed up myself for the next one!

    Plan your escape for $29.99/ 2 months

  • Sleuth Kings

    Work alongside Lead Detective Sullivan King to solve a new mystery each month. Receive rewards for each case you complete and get a free box for every four you solve. Up to four people can play at a time, making this a great option to play with a few friends. Each case takes roughly three hours to solve.

    User Kim W on Cratejoy writes: 

    My husband and I wanted an activity to do with our fourteen year old son. He loved and we loved it!! It was so much fun figure it out the clues and email the detective. The clues were challenging but not to the point of frustration. It took us two days to solve and we are excitedly waiting for our next case!

    Channel your sleuthing skills for $29.95/ month

  • Cosykiller

    Think you have what it takes to crack the case? Now you can put your detective skills to the test with this monthly subscription box. Packed with vintage memorabilia, smart storylines, and more, Cosykiller comes with tons of fun puzzles and ciphers to help you put a face to the crime. Each storyline lasts roughly one year, and if you're finding yourself running into a dead end, you can hop into the private Facebook group and exchange hints and theories.

    User Christina M on Cratejoy says:

    I just got my first box and it is really cool. The journal came burned, it is so interesting. I wonder why, that is something I need to figure out. This is the best box ever!!!! If you like mystery, i highly recommend.

    Put your detective skills to the test for $36.67/ month