The Greatest Naifs in Film History

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Characters that are blissfully ignorant, naive, wide-eyed, and unworldy.

In many a film across Hollywood cinema history, there are plenty of characters that kind of make you squint and go, "are you for real?" You know, those characters that walk into danger with zero concept that what's about to happen is going to be very bad for them; the naïveté of characters who don't see evil staring them in the face and just respond to it with a cheerful "hello!" This list compiles all of the best naive characters in movies and films.

One of the most well known naive characters in film is, to no one's surprise, Forrest Gump, who managed to go through so many moments in American history as an observer and a participant, not really understanding exactly what was going on. Some are simply sheltered and simply didn't have the experiences of everyone around them. On this list of naif characters, you'll find that there are plenty of well-known naive characters that you known and love.

So take a look at the naive film characters on this list and vote up the best of them. No matter the reason behind their innocence, these naifs are some of the best characters in film.
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