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15 'Fighting Narcissists' Who Are Way Too Into Themselves

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It's great to be confident, but there are some anime characters who speed straight past confident and become full-blown anime narcissists. While there are characters of all types who are totally in love with themselves, this article is focused on the ones who also engage in battle. Their self-love often connects with their fighting abilities, but more often than none it's about their appearance.

They think they're the most gorgeous thing on the planet, and can sometimes get so distracted by their own beauty that they're worse fighters than they otherwise might be - like Dragon Ball Z's Zarbon, a character who refuses to use a power-up on the ground that it will make him ugly. In some cases, as with Deidara of Naruto, the focus is less on their own appearance and more on just aesthetics in general - but if you don't agree with their aesthetic vision, you're wrong. 

But anime characters who are narcissists aren't all bad - some of them are actually extremely charming. Yuga Aoyama's self-appreciation in My Hero Academia might be silly, but since he's well-meaning and kind, it's also adorable. These characters are different from typically warriors who focus entirely on strength, so they can feel like a breath of fresh air. Which ones are your favorites? 

  • Unlike some of the other characters on this list, Deidara isn't obsessed with his own appearance - but he is vain as heck when it comes to his art. Said art consists primarily of clay structures which explode in ways that he finds both aesthetically pleasing and tactically useful.

    Catch him arguing with Sasori about their differing art styles, bragging to his opponents about how much more creatively intelligent he is than they are, or shutting his mouth for the first time ever when he sees Itachi, the only being in the world he thinks is more beautiful than his artwork.

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  • Zarbon is one of Frieza's two top-ranking generals, but he's more focused on his appearance than his career. Not only does he see himself as one of the most beautiful people in the galaxy, he avoids transforming into a far more powerful version of himself because he doesn't think his transformation looks good. He could be worse, though - at least Zarbon isn't so vain that he won't use the transformation when his life depends on it. 

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    Kirsch Vermillion - 'Black Clover'

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    As a nobleman of the House of Vermillion, Kirsch likes to flaunt his royalty - and his good looks. Even his magical powers are visually pleasing to the eye as he can manipulate and produce cherry blossoms. He tends to look down on those with a lower status than him, often treating them with disgust or dismissing them entirely. But despite his egotism, his powers and skills prove useful as he is a remarkable vice-captain of Coral Peacock, bearing most of the work that his sleeping captain fails to do. 

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    Major Armstrong - 'Fullmetal Alchemist'

    One doesn't have to be shredded to be good at alchemy, but that doesn't stop Major Armstrong. He takes great pride in his ripped physique, to the point where he once had a flex-off with Sig Curtis, and became friends with him over their shared passion for body buiding.

    Unlike some of the other characters on this list, Armstrong isn't too into himself - he's exactly the right amount. 

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