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15 'Fighting Narcissists' Who Are Way Too Into Themselves

It's great to be confident, but there are some anime characters who speed straight past confident and become full-blown anime narcissists. While there are characters of all types who are totally in love with themselves, this article is focused on the ones who also engage in battle. Their self-love often connects with their fighting abilities, but more often than none it's about their appearance.

They think they're the most gorgeous thing on the planet, and can sometimes get so distracted by their own beauty that they're worse fighters than they otherwise might be - like Dragon Ball Z's Zarbon, a character who refuses to use a power-up on the ground that it will make him ugly. In some cases, as with Deidara of Naruto, the focus is less on their own appearance and more on just aesthetics in general - but if you don't agree with their aesthetic vision, you're wrong. 

But anime characters who are narcissists aren't all bad - some of them are actually extremely charming. Yuga Aoyama's self-appreciation in My Hero Academia might be silly, but since he's well-meaning and kind, it's also adorable. These characters are different from typically warriors who focus entirely on strength, so they can feel like a breath of fresh air. Which ones are your favorites? 

  • Yumichika Ayasegawa is a loyal and dedicated member of the Gotei 13 - but he's also really, really into himself, and to aesthetics in general. Once, he couldn't bring himself to fight his own evil clone because the idea of attacking someone so gorgeous was too painful to consider. 

    Depending on which part of Bleach he appears in, Yumichika can appear to be a more complex character whose arrogance covers up deeper insecurities - but at other times, he's there as comic relief. 

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    Yuga Aoyama - 'My Hero Academia'

    Yuga Aoyama looks like he was taken out of a '90s shojo anime and plopped into a modern shonen. His quirk allows him to shoot glittery lasers out of his navel, which isn't exactly glamorous considering the fact that the ability can make him seriously sick to his stomach.

    But Yuga's attitude makes up for it. He makes references to his own good looks on the regular, uses roses to emphasize his points, and sprinkles random French into his speech for the sake of 'elegance.'

    Is he adorable? Yes. Is he a lot? Also yes.

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    Amai Mask

    Photo: J.C. Staff

    Amai Mask, also known as Sweet Mask, is the #1 Ranked A-Class hero who refuses to move up to S-Class in One Punch Man. Aside from being a powerful hero, he's also a famous model, actor, and singer, essentially making him the most popular celebrity in the world. He's known to have trouble fighting a villain if they are too ugly, as it disgusts him.

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    Cavendish - 'One Piece'

    Cavendish is the leader of a group called the Beautiful Pirates, which is apt considering his personality and appearance. Most people consider him to be so lovely that they literally lose consciousness upon seeing him. He appreciates the attention - in fact, he gets supremely agitated if anyone's attention wanders away from him, and can even become violent and combative if he's not being showered with praise. Despite these traits, he can still be a kind and level-headed person when it counts.

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