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The 15 Greatest 'Naruto' Arcs In Series History

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With hundreds of episodes to the series' credit, watching Naruto is one of the biggest undertakings an anime fan can pursue. While audiences need to watch it in its entirety to know what's going on - minus any filler arcs that don't interest them - they may want to be more selective when it comes to rewatching.

To figure out which parts are worth your time, it's good to know the most exceptional arcs. Everyone has their personal favorites, but certain arcs contain some of the best fight scenes and most poignant emotional moments found across Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, and Boruto.

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    The Pain Invasion Arc

    The Pain Invasion arc is considered one of the greatest parts of Naruto Shippuden. There are a few moments where the animation gets a little funky, but it contains some of the most important moments in series history.

    This arc sees Pain and his lackeys invading Konoha, reveals the devastating tale of Kakashi's father's suicide, and shows Hinata confessing her love for Naruto and fighting on his behalf.

    What's more, the titular protagonist really shines in this arc. Naruto is able to understand Pain's motivations and sympathize with him, even after all the damage he's done, but the hero still holds him accountable for his actions.

    For the first time, the former outcast is hailed as a champion, making this one of the most emotionally satisfying arcs of all time.

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    The Tale Of Jiraiya The Gallant

    Aside from having an amazing name, the Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant is also one of the more touching arcs in the series. Prior to this arc, Jiraiya wasn't a very well-developed character. His primary attribute was being a pervert - a controversial trait that appeals to some viewers, but not others.

    This arc turns him into a finely developed, memorable character by further developing his mentor relationship with Naruto and taking a deep dive into his past. It depicts the time he raised three orphans for months on end, training them to defend themselves in a war zone before returning home to Konoha.

    The arc shows both his kindness and the consequences of not doing enough. Jiraiya eventually has to leave those orphans, and their subsequent suffering turns them into enemies of Konoha in a later arc. Furthermore, this arc includes Jiraiya's death; not a happy moment, but one of the most emotionally wrenching ones. 

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    The Fated Battle Between Brothers Arc

    The Fated Battle Between Brothers arc will make even the toughest, most hardened anime fans shed a tearThis arc, which depicts the final battle between Sasuke and Itachi, is utterly devastating.

    At first, it seems like Sasuke is finally getting the revenge against his older brother he's been seeking since the beginning of the series. However, while Sasuke is ultimately able to kill Itachi, the victory feels hollow - especially after he finds out the terrible truth Itachi was hiding.

    Itachi didn't want to slaughter every member of the Uchiha clan. He did it because a government official named Danzo offered him an opportunity. He could do the deed himself, saving his own life and the life of his beloved younger brother, or Root would kill the whole clan.

    When Sasuke learns this, it's too late to reconcile with his once-beloved brother - Itachi is already dead. All Sasuke can do is direct his fury onto the corrupt government that put them in this situation.

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    The Chunin Exams Arc

    The Chunin Exams arc is one of the most well-regarded arcs in all of Naruto. During this arc, each of Naruto's former classmates gets to show off the skills they acquired as genin, facing off against one another in battles that range from funny to brutal.

    Naruto wins his fight against Kiba with a well-timed fart, but Neji nearly kills his cousin Hinata. It's a great arc with just the right amount of tension, balanced with an ample dose of laughs.

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