The Best Natural Shampoo

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Natural shampoos for the hair.

The best natural shampoo can clean hair well without using harsh ingredients and chemicals that could strip strands of natural moisture and health. Finding a good natural, organic shampoo isn't difficult anymore. Many of the major hair care brands include natural shampoos in their lineup, and the popularity is growing. This list includes some great natural hair shampoos, so vote for the ones you like the most, and vote down any you don't like. Also, add any natural shampoos that are missing from the list, and feel free to rerank this list in the order you'd prefer.

What exactly is a natural shampoo? It's one that usually doesn't include chemicals like SLS and SLES -- sulfates, in other words. Some are also paraben-free. Are sulfates bad for the hair? Possibly, yes, and they can definitely strip color treated hair quickly.

Some shampoos are all natural, while others are just partly natural. They may contain a few chemicals. Be sure to read labels carefully, so you know exactly what you're getting with a natural shampoo, one that can help to remove residue without using synthetic additives and artificial colors.

The best natural shampoos can help to remedy specific hair problems, and some are included on these lists of the best shampoo for damaged hair, and color treated hair, along with the best moisturizing shampoo and the best shampoos for frizzy hair.
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