The Best NBA Arenas

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Any arena in the U.S. that is home to an NBA team

What are the Best NBA arenas? The top NBA arenas are home to the best National Basketball Teams and beloved by fans alike. These arenas seat roughly 20,000 of the best NBA fans who pack the buildings to cheer on their favorite NBA teams each season. While each fan might like their home team's arena the best, there are a few that are adored by fans around the globe for the history or the new and updated amenities or anything in between. What are the best NBA stadiums? Time to vote!

Like the best NFL stadiums, the best NBA arenas range from those which have been around for decades and stand the test of time to those newer arenas with all the bells and whistles. Interestingly enough, one of the oldest arenas in the league is also one of the best. Madison Square Garden, home to the New York Knicks in New York City, has been around since 1968 and remains a favorite with its rich history and modern advances.

On the newer side of things, fans cannot help but be impressed by the Barclays Center right down the street and home to the Brooklyn Nets. Opened in 2012, the Barclays Center was praised both for bringing pro sports back to Brooklyn and for its stylish modern design. One thing is for sure - this list has more than just the top 10 NBA arenas. It is full of the newest, oldest, most storied, and beloved NBA stadiums in the league.

So whether you're a fan of the downtown arenas, like TD Bank Garden in Boston; those on the outskirts with ample room for parking, like The Palace of Auburn Hills outside of Detroit; or the biggest NBA stadium, each NBA fan surely has a few arenas that they love best. Vote up the best from these NBA arena rankings below!

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