The Best NBA Buys for the Money

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Only players who were drafted after the 20th pick in the NBA draft

The best NBA buys for the money are the top professional basketball players who were either undrafted free agents or selected late in the NBA Draft. These are all NBA players who were selected outside of the draft's top-20 picks. Many of these players had successful careers, winning NBA championships in addition to a slew of other personal awards. Some ended up being among the best NBA players ever. You will see former Finals MVPs, Defensive Players of the Year, Sixth Men of the Year, all-NBA players and some the best players in the league. in addition, guys who carved out solid, above average careers are on this list. There are a lot of familiar names and you will be surprised to see some names who were passed over by a number of NBA teams. There are some superstars and some role players who were in the league for many years.

Unsurprisingly, the San Antonio Spurs are well represented on here. Drafting near the bottom of the draft for the better part of the 25 years, Gregg Popovich and company have managed to stay in contention due to smart drafting and getting bang for their buck with these picks. Finding players like Tony Parker, drafted 28th in 2001, and Manu Ginobili, drafted incredibly at 55 in 1999, are two examples of how well the Spurs have done in getting the best buys with their late round draft picks.

What the worst NBA execs have in common is that they don't have players that appear on this list. Which of these players is the ultimate late-round steal? Have your say by voting, adding or re-ranking this list of best NBA buys for the money.


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