The Best NBA Commentators Ever

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Who are the greatest NBA commentators? The best NBA commentators have contributed to the game by greatly enhancing the television viewing experience. A great commentator can help make viewers feel like they are at the game, and their announcing helps fans appreciate the game on another level. These amazing announcers have created lasting legacies with their work for both local and national TV audiences.

Marv Albert and Mike Breen are known nationally for their incredible commentary on networks like ABC, TNT, and ESPN. However, a legend like Chick Hearn did his best work just for the Los Angeles Lakers, crafting a legacy with the fan base in LA that was as impressive as Albert's and Breen's. Other broadcasters split their time, as Ian Eagle works for the Brooklyn Nets and also calls national games for TNT.

So check out this list of the top basketball commentators of all-time. Vote up the announcers who have added the most to the game from a broadcasting role.

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