The Coolest Hairstyles In The NBA Today

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The NBA is a league known as much for its style as its competive play, and one place professional basektball players always up their style game is in the hair department. Many of the coolest players in the NBA are also rocking the coolest haircuts. These are the styles kids who watch the games ask for when their parents take them to the barber.

Of course, hairstyle success doesn’t necessarily translate to great basketball — just look at LeBron James dominating the game while people on social media make fun of his hairline — but fans do appreciate the NBA haircuts that stand out for all the right reasons. Whether you're looking for players with long hair who know how to wear it best like Mike Conley or players with famous facial hair, like Steven Adams and his perfect mustache, these are the NBA style icons when it comes to hairdos.

So vote up for the players you think are rocking the top haircuts in the league in the 2019-20 season. While not everyone can score a slam dunk when trying something new, they all deserve credit for being innovative. Help us decide who deserves to be at the top of the list for the top basketball player haircut today.

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    Ja Morant
    Photo: Instagram/Memphis Grizzlies

    Rookie Ja Morant is one of the top prospects in the league today with an incredible skill set. The Memphis Grizzlies point guard is also ahead of the curve with a hairstyle that makes him stand out. Young players with a unique look have a better chance of getting endorsement deals since the viewer remembers them easily. Morant is likely going to become a huge star which will give him all the sponsorships.

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    Jimmy Butler
    Photo: user uploaded image

    Jimmy Butler has made his hairstyle become associated with him over the past few years. Many other players would start adopting a similar look, but Butler was the first one and biggest star to rock it. Miami Heat fans are enjoying seeing Butler and his hairstyle on the court as the team is finding relevance for the first time in a few seasons thanks to him signing with them.

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    Markelle Fultz
    Photo: Instagram/Orlando Magic

    Point guard Markelle Fultz is already contributing to the Orlando Magic after a disappointing first few years with the Philadelphia 76ers. Fultz's hair is longer and that seems to work for him given he's playing the best basketball of his NBA career. Time will tell if Fultz progresses even further as NBA star and as a hair fashionista.

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    Kelly Oubre Jr.
    Photo: Instagram/Phoenix Suns

    Kelly Oubre has always been one of the more noteworthy players to have a hairstyle that stands out in the NBA. The hair would grow even more throughout the offseason as Oubre signed an extension with the Phoenix Suns. Fans of the franchise have welcomed him as the hairstyle continues to impress as he delivers outstanding games for Phoenix.