The Best NBA Players from Indiana

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Only NBA players born or raised in Indiana.

Who are the best NBA players from Indiana? Featuring Hall of Fame greats, superstars, and active players, this list of basketball players who were born in Indiana includes Larry Bird, Gordon Hayward, Zack Randolph, and Shawn Kemp . Who is the best NBA player from Indiana?

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  • Larry Bird
    West Baden Springs, French Lick Township
    713 votes
    • Teams: Boston Celtics
  • Oscar Robertson
    Charlotte, Tennessee
    314 votes
    • Teams: Cincinnati Royals, Milwaukee Bucks

    Raised in Indianapolis, Indiana

  • George McGinnis
    Indianapolis, Indiana
    301 votes
    • Teams: Indiana Pacers, Philadelphia 76ers, Denver Nuggets
  • Shawn Kemp
    Elkhart, Indiana
    467 votes
    • Teams: Portland Trail Blazers, Orlando Magic, Cleveland Cavaliers, Seattle Supersonics