The Best NBA Team Owners of All Time

The best NBA team owners of all time are the men who currently or formerly own teams in the National Basketball Association and did it the best. Whether these owners helped found many of the top NBA teams, made wise decisions that led to NBA dynasties or just brought their teams back into prominence, all are notable for one reason or another.

After his passing in 2013, Jerry Buss was remembered by fans, fellow league executives, players and the media alike as arguably the best owner in the history of professional basketball. During his time as owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, Buss saw his team win 10 league championships plus made a big impact to the community through philanthropic efforts. Today, his family remains as the owners of the team.

Though many will be compared to Buss, that doesn't mean the other owners on this list haven't done great things too. Among the best current NBA owners includes names like Peter Holt of the San Antonio Spurs and Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks. Going back into the history books, former Boston Celtics owner Walter Brown, former Detroit Pistons owner William Davidson and former Chicago Bulls owner Lamar Hunt, who also gave great contributions to other sports leagues like the NFL, all come to mind as among the best NBA owners of all time.

So whether these men helped found the teams you love today, were there for the multiple championships or were there to bring in the top NBA players of all time, each has a special place in NBA history for all they did. Have a favorite current or historical NBA team owner? Vote for them below or add them to the list!
Ranked by
  • Jerry Buss
    475 votes
    Dec. at 80 (1933-2013)
    Los Angeles Lakers
  • Mark Cuban
    523 votes
    Age: 64
    Dallas Mavericks
  • Peter Holt
    279 votes
    Age: 74
    San Antonio Spurs
  • Larry H. Miller
    175 votes

    Larry H. Miller

    Dec. at 64 (1944-2009)
    Utah Jazz
  • Paul Allen
    135 votes
    Age: 70
    Portland Trailblazers