The Best NBC Dramas of All Time

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NBC dramas are some of the most stimulating programs in television history. Dramas on NBC may be high-tech and filled with imaginative stories, but the network itself stemmed from humble beginnings. Shows like Law & Order: SVU, The West Wing, Freaks & Geeks, The Night Shift, and Cheers would not be around today if not for NBC. 

David Sarnoff and NBC presented the first television at New York's World Fair in the late 1930's, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt became the first president to appear on national television in front of the NBC cameras in 1939. NBC was also the first station to introduce color programming to their viewers, beating CBS and DuMont Television Network by only a few days. Today, NBC remains one of the top contenders in network television. 

The transmission of moving images through television has allowed the public to live vicariously through fantasy stories, as well as see themselves reflected in both real and imagined characters.  NBC has a variety of dramas to choose from, and has continued to produce great content since its inception.   

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