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The Best Musical Artists From Nebraska

List RulesOnly artists born or raised in Nebraska or bands formed in Nebraska.

Here are the best artists and bands from Nebraska who have come from every genre imaginable. Rock, ragtime, blues, jazz, county, and more have come out of small towns all around the state. These bands have gone on to influence acts from all over the United States. For example, Saddle Creek Records, which is based out of Omaha, has produced such acts as Cursive, Bright Eyes, and The Faint. One of the city's most popular rock bands to have formed in the area was The Chevrons, which was an incredibly popular band in the country throughout the 1960s. 

The town of Lincoln has always had a great music scene because it's first and foremost a university town. Another important musical landmark in the state is the Zoo Bar. The bar celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2008, and the club even has a song named after it. In 1995, James Harman wrote a song based on his experiences at the venue titled "Everybody's Rockin' (At The Zoo Bar)." Other popular Nebraska artists include JoJo Siwa, Emily Kinney, 311, and VOTA, formerly known as Casting Pearls.

This list of the most famous Nebraska musical artists covers bands and singers from all over the state. From Fremont to Omaha, you will find all of the most popular acts covered here. Vote for the artists you get excited about most.

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List Rules: Only artists born or raised in Nebraska or bands formed in Nebraska.