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The 20 Strongest Nen Abilities In Hunter x Hunter, Ranked

July 27, 2020 12.0k votes 1.4k voters 58.7k views20 items

In the world of Hunter x Hunter, characters use a panoply of incredible techniques that are widely referred to as Nen. These abilities include simple ones like Uvogin's Big Bang Impact, which lets him concentrate aura into his fist for a dramatically enhanced punch. However, they also include complex and creative moves like Knuckle Bine's A.P.R. and I.R.S., which will basically destroy you with the power of the economy. 

These are some of the best Nen techniques to appear in the 2011 anime series. Hardhitters like Gon's Limitation Transformation and Meruem's Aura Synthesis will make an appearance, but there are some more obscure ones too. Which ones do you think are the greatest?

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    Skill Hunter - Chrollo Lucilfer

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    One of the most useful Nen abilities in the world of HxH belongs to Chrollo Lucilfer, the leader of the Phantom Troupe. Chrollo's ability, Skill Hunter, allows him to collect and use Nen techniques that he stole from other people. He keeps these abilities trapped in a book called Bandit's Secret. There are a number of limitations on the ability, such as how difficult it is to get a technique in the first place, the fact that he can only use one Nen skill at a time, and the fact that a technique disappears when the original owner passes away. Despite those limits, it's still a highly versatile and useful technique. In the anime, we see him use several stolen techniques, including Indoor Fish - a skeletal fish that survives in sealed rooms and eats human flesh, and Lovely Ghostwriter, which allows him to predict the future. 

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    Pain Packer & Rising Sun - Feitan Portor

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    You do not want to be anywhere near Feitan Portor when he unleashes these two devastating techniques. When he gets angry inferno that comes next. With Rising Sun, Feitan is able to transform his aura into a miniature sun. It's heat depends on how badly he'd been hurt prior to summoning it, but even a weaker version is enough to incinerate his opponents - and anybody else unlucky enough to be standing nearby. 

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    KIllua's Godspeed looks like it's just a super speed technique, but it's actually more complex than that. It allows him to automate his reaction time using electricity, bypassing the limitations of his nervous system and preventing him from hesitating. It helps him move incredibly quickly - 149.1 mph! - and it also allows him to use his electricity for offensive purposes. 

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    Dragon Head - Zeno Zoldyck

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    As the patriarch of a renowned family of assassins, one would expect Zeno's Nen ability to pack a serious punch. Using Dragon Head, Zeno extends his aura from his arm in the form of a gigantic dragon. He can do a number of things with that dragon, including using it as a projectile weapon and using it for transportation. Using Dragon Lance, he can still control the dragon with his hand even when he isn't particularly close to it, allowing him to fight with less personal risk.