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The Best Nerdy Names to Give Your Dog

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If you consider yourself to be a massive nerd, then it only makes sense that your nerd fandom will come through in every aspect of your life. You likely have clothing dedicated to superheroes, Harry Potter, or Dungeons and Dragons. You may have artwork hanging up in your living room based on your favorite movie or video game. Being a nerd is cooler than ever before, and of course, you should let your furry friend get in on the fun. These are cute nerdy dog names that will have everyone who hears it say, "Awwww." 

The names on this list come from all over the pop culture spectrum. Some are based off superheroes while others are based on Star Wars. There may even be a few deep cuts on the list that will force you to familiarize yourself with some obscure science-fiction show to understand. No matter what fandom you belong to, everyone can agree that all of these names are cute to give a dog. 

It is tough to pin down the best nerdy names for dogs. But that is where you come into play. Dog lovers from all over the world have gathered together to vote for their favorite dog names. Vote for the ones you would give your pooch.