The Best New Animated Series on Netflix in 2022

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Vote up the best animated shows on Netflix that premiered during the 2022 calendar year.

Animation is for everybody and can do just about everything and Netflix's new animated series live up to the possibilities of the medium with everything from dark stop motion to interactive cartoons for the whole family. If your watchlist is missing good new animated series, this list of the best new cartoons on Netflix in 2022 is ranked from best to worst, thanks to your votes.

The long-awaited animated series based on the Cuphead video game, first revealed in 2020, not only finally premiered but there is already a second season of The Cuphead Show coming to Netflix in 2022. Another fun family watch is the interactive series Trivia Quest, which serves up fresh trivia questions every day. For grown-ups who want to watch darker stories, Netflix has some of 2022's best adult animation, with shows like the the dark superhero comedy The Guardians of Justice, or the charmingly creepy stop-motion miniseries The House.

Netflix's new animated series span the spectrum of what cartoons can be. Vote up the best new Netflix animated series that are airing for the first time in 2022 and see where your new favorites rank.