The 20 Best Netflix Exclusive Anime

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In the past, Netflix simply offered movies from the '90s and TV shows like Pretty Wild that would otherwise have been relegated to the past. Yet times change, and nothing illustrates the major shift in streaming services quite like Netflix-produced anime. In the same vein of Netflix originals such as Orange Is the New Black or Stranger Things, anime exclusive to Netflix are series you can only get through the service. Though the company didn't necessarily produce all of these series, Netflix does license all of them in North America. 

While the service only boasts a small handful of anime, many of them do quite well. But which is the best Netflix exclusive anime? Is it Aggretsuko, the adorable Sanrio anime about office politics and millennial life? Or is it Kakegurui, which takes place in a school for gambling? Regardless, they all offer something different for when you want to curl up with nothing but your sweatpants and a bag of Hot Cheetos.

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  • The Holy Knights once protected the land of Britannia, but now they rule over it as tyrants. A renegade faction of the Knights called the Seven Deadly Sins tries to rise against them, but they fail and disband. To save the nation from the Holy Knights, Elizabeth must find what's left of the Seven Deadly Sins and request their help.

    The Seven Deadly Sins isn't for everyone - it goes heavy on the fan service - but it has an excellent storyline and complex characters, which may make it compelling even for those who prefer a lighter touch.

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    Violet Evergarden, one of the most gorgeously animated shows in recent history, tells an equally beautiful story. Former child soldier Violet wants to make a living in the Auto Memories Dolls industry, where young women ghostwrite letters on behalf of those who cannot express their own emotions.

    Though almost totally incapable of understanding human feelings, Violet believes working in this field will help her understand why her major told her he loved. 

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    Magi: Adventure Of Sinbad

    Magi: Adventure Of Sinbad
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    Magi: Adventure of Sinbad tells the story of a courageous young man named Sinbad as he begins his journey to become the High King of Seven Seas. The series focuses on Sinbad's childhood, from his early days to the very first dungeon he ever tries to conquer.

    This 13-episode anime serves as a prequel to Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, which is also available on Netflix.

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    If you ever wanted to watch a group of teenage girls learn how to gamble and torture each other, Kakegurui is right up your alley. This intense anime follows the students of the unusual Hyakkaou Private Academy, an elite school for the richest of families. Since they're all rich and likely won't need to work in their lives, the students at Hyakkaou learn how to manipulate others through the art of high-stakes betting and dealing with sadistic classmates like transfer student Yumeko Jabami.

    It's a wild ride and definitely nothing like any high school show you've seen before.

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    Ajin: Demi-Human

    Seventeen years prior to the start of Ajin: Demi-Human, mysterious immortal beings called Ajin appeared in Africa. Deemed a threat for their extraordinary powers, Ajin are rounded up by the government and their movements are tightly controlled. Kei Nagai cares little about Ajin or much anything else - until he discovers that he too is an Ajin.

    Caught between factions he never chose to join in the first place, Kei must now enter the Ajin-human conflict.

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    Fate/Apocrypha, one of many installations in the acclaimed Fate series, is the only installment exclusive to Netflix. Like most entries in the series, this anime focuses on a conflict between groups who want to get their hands on the Holy Grail.

    This time, the combatants are Yggdmillennia, a small group trying to break free of the powerful Mage's Association.

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