The Best Original Netflix Christmas Movies And TV Specials

It's time to get in the holiday spirit with the best Netflix Original Christmas movies and TV specials. Netflix has been putting out original content for years now so it was only natural that they would start making Christmas movies that are sure to become holiday classics like The Christmas Chronicles or the Christmas Prince franchise. There are also several Christmas specials from popular Netflix shows like The Great British Bake Off, Nailed It, and Bojack Horseman. 

Whether you want a classic Christmas romantic comedy like The Princess Switch or a more modern and cynical holiday series such as Merry Happy Whatever, Netflix has something for your watchlist. Look through the list below and you might just find your family's next favorite Netflix Christmas movie or TV special to watch during the winter season.

But which of these Christmas-themed slices of entertainment is the best? Vote up your favorite Netflix Original Christmas movies and TV specials you can't wait to watch or watch again, and see which one rises to the top spot.


  • Holidate
    Video: YouTube
    7 VOTES
    • Category: Film (2020)
  • The Christmas Chronicles
    Video: YouTube
    • Category: Film (2018)
  • Klaus
    Video: YouTube
    43 VOTES
    • Category: Film (2019)
  • Holiday Rush
    Video: YouTube
    24 VOTES