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The Best Netflix Original Shows Of 2018, Ranked

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Though they only started making their own content back in 2013, Netflix dropped some great original TV shows in 2018. We're not talking new seasons of our favorite series from the past few years, either. There's a great deal of Netflix original series from 2018, and some of them have been serious hits. So, while Stranger Things and House of Cards have been nothing short of fantastic, Netflix has plenty more shows to check out while you wait for the next installments of your favorites.  

Topping the list of the best Netflix originals from 2018 is the hit crime show, The Staircase, which follows the story of a man whose wife mysteriously dies, with fingers pointing in his direction. If you're into dark shows, check this one out for sure. For some lighter sci-fi entertainment, Lost in Space is a good choice, as it chronicles a family who has crash landed on another planet, doing what they can do survive. Finally, if you want something on the funny side, try the Netflix comedy series, Everything Sucks! and take a trip back to high school. 

Take a look at all the 2018 Netflix original shows below and vote up the ones you liked most. You can also vote shows down if you feel they missed the mark, or simply weren't as good as others. Then check out our list of the best original drama Netflix series.