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Netflix Shows People Are Bingeing The Fastest

Updated 19 Sep 2019 5.7k views20 items

Netflix arguably creates the best binge-worthy shows; the streaming service's content is creative, occasionally intellectual, and almost always worth your time. In fact, more than eight million people binge watch independent Netflix content. Exceptionally dedicated viewers are able to complete entire series in mere days. For them, spoilers are a thing of the past. Whether they consume Netflix horror movies or revamped sitcoms, certain television fanatics just can't get enough.

People in Canada, the United States, and Denmark binge the most on the streaming service that has almost replaced cable in popularity. And Netflix's business model partially relies on these avid viewers to determine which new shows should debut next. There's definitely no shortage of addictive TV, but according to the company, some shows are better than others for those long weekends at home.

Netflix compiled a list of shows viewers binge watch the fastest, and the results are a rare peek into the company's data and viewership numbers.

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