The Best Shows For Women On Netflix

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Latest additions: Charité at War, The Fame Game, Little Women
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Whether they feature strong female leads or simply cater to the ladies, the best shows for women on Netflix are aplenty. So if you're looking to binge watch a series you've yet to try, and want something for the femmes, these are the shows for you. In fact, many of what are considered the greatest shows for women can be found on Netflix, ready to be watched through and through. 

From stories about strong young women like Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to awesome old ladies like Grace & Frankie, there is something for and about ladies of every age. Centering female characters in strong genre stories, like in Russian Doll, or focusing on female friendships like in Derry Girls, just because a show is for women, or about women, doesn't mean the stories aren't delightfully universal.

No matter your preference, there's certainly a female-oriented show for you to catch on Netflix. Check out the list below for suggestions on the best shows for women to add to your watchlist and vote up your favorite shows featuring stories that center women. 

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