You Can't Outrun Destiny Or These Quotes From 'The Witcher'

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The best quotes from Netflix's The Witcher are wise, concise, and often dryly funny. The most memorable quotes from The Witcher give the show an in-depth look into the lives of monster hunters, royals, and witches alike. One-liners from The Witcher pull at our heartstrings and get us caught up in the drama of characters we’ve come to love (for more great writing like this, you can also take a look at shows like The Witcher).

But it’s not all deep lines and heavy truths. Netflix's The Witcher is a fantasy drama television series and it certainly has its more intense scenes but even those have funny moments and quotes interspersed throughout them, keeping the feeling of the series loyal to that of the novels and the game. The show also has a great cast of characters like Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill) and Yennefer of Vengerbery (Anya Chalotra), and of course, they are going to have some great quotes along the way. With that said, which The Witcher quotes are your favorites?

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  • Not Your Friend
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    Not Your Friend

    Geralt of Rivia: I'm not your friend.

    Jaskier: Oh, really? Oh, you usually just let strangers rub chamomile onto your lovely bottom?

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  • Idiots
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    Queen Calanthe: How does a witcher find himself at my daughter's wedding feast dressed like a...

    Geralt of Rivia: I'm protecting the bard from vengeful royal cuckolds.

    Queen Calanthe: Hmm. Idiots, the lot of them.

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  • Forbidden Magic
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    Forbidden Magic

    Fringilla: Forbidden magic is one of the ghost stories taught to use here. There is no such thing as dark or light magic. Nothing in this world is as simple as that.

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  • It's Coming
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    It's Coming

    Mousesack: You can't outrun destiny just because you're terrified of it. It's coming.

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  • Arrogance Alone
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    Arrogance Alone

    Geralt of Rivia: A dynasty can't survive on arrogance alone.

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  • Nobody Smart
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    Nobody Smart

    Yennefer: Nobody smart plays fair.

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