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The Best Brooklyn Nets First-Round Picks In The NBA Draft

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List RulesVote based only on career success with the Brooklyn Nets. Only picks made since the NBA/ABA merger (since 1977).

All Brooklyn Nets draft picks have played a role in the franchise getting to where it is today. While the Nets have yet to win an NBA championship, but they have featured quite a few legendary players in their history. Most of those joined the team via trades or free agent signings like Jason Kidd and Julius Erving, two of the best basketball players ever, as well as Vince Carter and D’Angelo Russell, among the best players in the league right now

However, the first-round picks by the Nets range from great players who achieved many things for the franchise to those who never played a single game for them.  

But which of these Nets draft picks had the greatest impact on the franchise? The stats below reflect only the players' time spent with the Nets, and that is what you should base your vote on: Did this player thrive with the Nets?

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