The Best New Action Movies Of The Last Few Years

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Vote up the action movies that were released on or after January, 1 2019.

What are the best recent action movies? Now is your chance to decide. There are a lot of modern action films to choose from. Action films have been wowing audiences for a long time, but they are currently more popular than ever. Advancements in computer technology - such as the ability to digitally erase safety wires - has allowed for the design and execution of never-before-possible stunts. New cinematography techniques and special camera equipment allow those stunts to be photographed as never before. In short, the best new action films make you feel as though you're participating in the danger right alongside the characters onscreen.

It also helps that several actors have shown a willingness to do their own stunt work, which provides the movies with an extra dose of realism. That sort of devotion gives them an extra edge of excitement. 

Vote up your favorites from this list of new action movies. Then check back as new and recent action-packed movies are added to the list. 

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