The Best New Adventure Movies Of The Last Few Years

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Vote up your favorite adventure movies that were released on or after January, 1 2019.

It's time to vote for the best recent adventure movies. One of the great thrills of cinema is being able to vicariously live out amazing journeys and daring adventures. We get to feel some of the excitement of doing things that we could never do in real life. Films that deliver on that promise have long been popular, often becoming box office blockbusters. Modern advancements in CGI technology and stunt work have allowed current adventure movies to sweep audiences away more powerfully than ever.

There is a wide scope within the genre, which is one of its most impressive qualities. The most exciting new adventure movies are a diverse lot. Most recent adventure movies put realistic characters into a completely unrealistic -- but undeniably thrilling action -- situation. Then there's new adventure movies that are proudly and completely in the realm of fantasy. All of them get the viewer's adrenaline pumping as they watch.

Vote up your favorites on this list of new good adventure movies. Then check back for recently released adventure movies as they come out.

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