15 New Jutsu In 'Boruto' That Are Actually Really Cool

One of the coolest things about Naruto is the wide range of incredible jutsu that the characters display. Boruto is continuing the tradition with some awesome jutsu of its own. While there's no replacing the original, many of the jutsu in the new series are worth paying attention to.

One great example is Momoshiki's Chakra Absorption Technique, which lets him absorb jutsu through the Rinnegan on his right hand and send it hurtling towards a target with his left. There's also Boruto Uzumaki's Jogan Eye, which lets him see the barriers between dimensions. 

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    Lightning Release: Purple Electricity - Kakashi Hatake

    Lightning Release: Purple Electricity is a powerful electric attack in which Kakashi concentrates lightning in his hand and uses it to strike his opponent. He invented it to replace Lightning Cutter, which he stopped being able to use without hurting himself after he lost his Sharingan. The technique has obvious offensive benefits, but can also be used to do things like force clouds to produce rain.

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    Sage Mode - Mitsuki

    Thanks to the training Orochimaru provided, as well as the Hashirama cells implanted in his body, Mitsuki is able to activate a particularly powerful version of Sage Mode. His Sage Mode dramatically boosts his speed, and lets him manifest snakes that protect him and fight on his behalf. He wants to keep this ability under wraps for fear of judgement, but does reveal it at crucial moments. 

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    Jogan Eye - Boruto Uzumaki

    Boruto was hoping to inherit his mother's Byakugan, but instead, he developed a new dojutsu called the Jogan Eye. Like the Byakugan, the Jogan Eye lets the user see and analyze a target's chakra pathways. But it has another ability that the Byakugan doesn't: it can see through invisible barriers that exist between dimensions, plus it can predict the use of dimension-hopping techniques like Yomotsu Hirasaka.

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    Vanishing Rasengan - Boruto Uzumaki

    By creating a Rasengan and adding Lighting Release chakra to it, Boruto is able to launch a version of Rasengan that's essentially invisible. This can be used to trick opponents into thinking that the attack has fizzled out, only for them to be hit with a surprise attack. At first, Boruto is only able to make a small version of the attack, but with time and practice, he manages to dramatically increases its size.