The Best New Characters In Pop Culture In 2019

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Pop culture figures and fictional characters who hit the scene in 2019. No existing characters who are just having a moment.

Which 2019 characters defined this year? Thanks to some of the best new movies, TV shows, and cultural events, there are some exciting new characters in pop culture. Many of the best characters of the year are from some of 2019's trending topics, while some exist in a small world of their own, getting their 15 minutes of fame. The best personalities of 2019 in modern culture aren't always your typical movie or TV show character. Some, like the Instagram Egg, launched into the stratosphere because of strategic marketing. Others, like the Fiji Water Girl, seemed to come out of the blue. 

Which characters of 2019 made the biggest impact? What personalities ignited larger conversations in 2019? And which characters from this year were just plain fun? Vote up the 2019 characters that you feel are the most memorable. 

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  • 'Baby Yoda'
    136 votes

    Properly referred to as "the Child," this breakout star of The Mandalorian on Disney+ captured the hearts (and memes) of the moment.

  • As the lead character in The Mandalorian, Mando intrigues Star Wars fans with his visually impenetrable costume and warmed their hearts with his stewardship over "the Child."

  • Already a divisive figure, Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips joined forces to push the Joker envelope even further.

  • Fat Thor

    Fat Thor

    81 votes

    After losing his way in Avengers: Endgame, Thor gave us a glimpse of what The Dude would be like as a superhero.

  • Detective Pikachu

    Detective Pikachu

    71 votes

    The only thing that could be better than a movie revolving around the cutest Pokemon ever is to pair him with the sarcastic voice stylings of Ryan Reynolds. 

  • Forky


    130 votes

    Forky is a spork-and-pipe-cleaner toy made by Bonnie in Toy Story 4. Voiced by Tony Hale, Forky goes through an identity crisis, as he is convinced he is not a toy.