The Best New Female Artists Of 2019, Ranked

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Only artists who released two or fewer albums by 2019.

Whether you like electropop or cutting-edge hip-hop, the best new female artists of 2019 have it all. Some of the best new women in music are newly-famous rock and rollers while others are soon-to-be pop megastars. Many new female artists came into 2019 with major hype surrounding their upcoming debut albums, while others are headed out on buzz-worthy headlining tours. Suffice it to say, none of the entries on this list disappointed in either respect.

Who will you find on this best 2019 female music artists list? A plethora of young American, British, and Canadian singer/songwriters and producers made waves this year, as did bands and solo musicians from every other corner of the world. 

Which new female contemporary music artists do you think reigned as the queens of 2019? Which new female pop singers will compete to be the next "it girl" to watch out for? Vote your favorites up to the top of this list!

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