The Best Recent Docuseries On HBO & HBO Max
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The Best Recent Docuseries On HBO & HBO Max

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These are the best new docuseries on HBO. Whether you're looking for deep dives on historical events or thoughtful documentary shows, this list is regularly updated with the most recent HBO docuseries. What are the best recent documentary series to watch on HBO or HBO Max?

With a history of some of the most memorable miniseries ever HBO brings its signature style and investigative chops to documentaries. One of the best recent docuseries, The Vow, is a gripping true crime documentary on NXIVM, while Heaven's Gate: The Cult of Cults is another cult docuseries. Other fascinating HBO documentaries include Allen v. Farrow and Tiger. Although most HBO documentaries are miniseries, shows like 100 Foot Wave and Painting With John have been renewed for new seasons. Since HBO Max documentaries end up on HBO and vice-versa, it can sometimes be just a matter of time before your favorite new docuseries is available to watch.

Of the most recent docuseries on HBO, which are the best? Help decide and vote up the best documentary shows on HBO - and find out where your favorite shows rank.

Latest additions: Savior Complex, Telemarketers, The Golden Boy
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