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The 15 Best New Horror & Supernatural Anime Coming in 2020

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If you're a fan of all things terrifying and magical, the supernatural and horror genres might be the most appealing kind of anime for you. Otherworldly creatures can both horrify and delight viewers, and they'll be making an appearance in the new horror and supernatural anime of 2020.

Some of the new supernatural and horror anime debuting this year expertly blend the genres: The Promised Neverland Season 2, Uzumaki and Dorohedoro will probably leave you feeling pretty spooked afterward. Others are cheerful and fun with dark moments, like Fruits Basket Season 2 and Hatena☆Illusion. While all of these series have something to recommend them, which one's you should watch depend on how much you enjoy being scared.

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    Release Date: October 2020

    The adventures of the kids from Gracefield House will be continuing this year. In the first season, the kids realized that what they thought was a warm and loving orphanage was actually a plant preparing them to be sold as meat for a race of demons. They made their escape at the end of the season. Season 2 will cover what they find in the world outside the orphanage, which until now has been totally hidden from them.

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    Release Date: July 2020

    Fire Force is back this summer, so if you loved the first season you won't have long to wait. Humans are plagued by a mysterious phenomenon - humans randomly transform into fiery demons who need to be dispatched before they destroy everything they once cared about. That's the job of The Fire Force, an organization that Shinra Kusakabe joins in the hopes of becoming a hero. As a child, his own fire based powers awakened around the same time his family was destroyed in a fire. But Shinra might not be the one who's behind it, and his brother might not actually be gone. As he fights fires alongside his team, he seeks the answers to the mysteries that have defined his life.

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    Release Date: January 13th 

    Hole is a place where laws don't exist and where the locals are in constant danger from magic users who freely use them for experimentation and destroy their lives without hesitation. Though most people from Hole let the magic users roam free out of frear, Kaiman needs their help. His once human face has been turned into a lizard face, and he isn't going to rest until he gets turned back to normal. 

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    Release Date: 2020

    This 4 episode TV series will be covering Junji Ito's famous manga, Uzumaki. The story deals with a townwide obsession with spiral patterns, which leads to a series of increasingly terrifying events. It's hard to say how this adaptatation will go, as previous attempts at turning Ito's work into anime have been controversial. That said, Production I.G. has a good track record, so it may very well be a success.

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