The Best New Horror Movies Of The Last Few Years
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The Best New Horror Movies Of The Last Few Years

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The best new horror films find a lot of different ways to scare audiences. They offer ghosts, witchcraft, creepy clowns, space aliens, mask-wearing psychopaths, animals coming back from the grave,  the devil himself, and a whole lot more. That's just scratching the surface. There's something in them to scare just about anyone, or get anyone hooked on the genre. No matter what sends shivers down your spine, you'll find it in recent horror movies.

The last few years have been an especially fruitful time for the genre. Major studios continue to produce new frighteningly good horror movies, but there's also a newly vibrant indie horror scene that is cranking out some groundbreaking stuff. If you like going to the cinema to be scared, then you're living in the right era because there's never been more diversity than there is right now. The top current horror films also take a varied approach in tone, with some going for outright shocks and others opting for more subtle slow-burns. 

As you can tell by now, this list of new horror movies looks at recently released horror films. But which one deserves the top spot? Vote up the latest modern horror films that you found most terrifying. Don't forget to check back to see how other users rank your picks. 


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