Every Member of New Kids on the Block, Ranked Best to Worst

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You know every word of their songs, from "Step by Step" to "Tonight." Now it's time to decide: who's the best member of New Kids on the Block? There are many factors to consider when ranking all New Kids on the Block band members from best to worst. Some fans' favorite NKOTB members are the best singers, while others prefer the guys with the smoothest dance moves.

When you think about the most popular New Kids on the Block, Donnie Wahlberg might come to mind. After he was tapped to join the group, Wahlberg helped find the other members. Jordan Knight's unique falsetto is often cited as the reason that fans love to hear him sing. Joey McIntyre is the youngest member of the group, and he was often considered the hottest NKOTB member during their heyday. As for how they're ranked on this list, that's up to you.

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