52 Life Hacks That Will Change Your World  

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Life hacks are yes, at this point kind of hack-y, but why comb through a stupid amount of Tumblr pages just to find the best ones when you can add to this list? Vote on these awesome life hacks and even weigh in on what you think are the best, newest, funniest, and most useful life hacks on the Internet. Life hacks, in case you've never heard the term, are useful pieces of every day advice, often in the form of ways to make your day-to-day life easier using household items or common sense. Defining a life hack is often as easy as knowing whether or not something has simply made your life easier. 

So, take the advice of some of these life hacks. Maybe you'd never thought to use sticky notes to catch drill debris, or to fill up a bucket using your sink and a dustpan, or even that certain foods can be eaten much more easily by just adding one extra step.

If there's ever anything you do on a regular basis, which takes up a lot of time in your life, it is always worth investing in a simple trick if it improves your experience of that one thing enough. So, from ways to make parenting easier, to catering to how lazy you may or may not be, to knowing how to cook a piece of meat or a vegetable, generally, this list will make you say "ooooooh" at least once. 

Enjoy the 50+ greatest of Internet life hacks. This life hack list is ranked from the most useful to the least useful, as voted on by you!