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The Best New Heavy Metal Bands Of 2020

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Here are the best new metal bands of 2020. This list of good new metal bands features upcoming groups in a variety of sub-genres. From the top new heavy metal bands, to the best new death metal bands and melancholic doom groups, these rising metal artists to watch in 2020 are entering the the decade with fresh energy, and aggressively dark metal songs. Additionally, this list of modern metal bands features the best new hardcore bands and best metalcore bands that are on their way up in 2020. 

Who do you think best new alternative metal bands are today? Which recent metal groups have released the best new metal albums of 2020 so far?

Vote up the best new heavy metal bands of 2020 below, and be sure to add any that you feel we may have missed. 

  • Deep As Ocean1
    Deep As Ocean (DAO) is a modern metal band from Milan, Italy. They released their debut album,...  more
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  • Stain The Canvas2
    Stain The Canvas is an Italian metalcore band. Founded in Milan, the group is comprised of...  more
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  • Shepherds Reign3
    Shepherds Reign is Polynesian metal band from South Auckland, New Zealand....  more
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  • Savage Hands4
    Savage Hands is an American Rock band from Waldord, Maryland....  more
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  • Downswing5
    Downswing is an American hardcore band from Albany New York....  more
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  • RedHook6
    RedHook is an Australian rock band from Sydney, formed in 2017. The band consists of guitarist...  more
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  • Nothing Left7

    Nothing Left

    Nothing Left is an American supergroup that formed in 2016. The band played their first shows...  more
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  • Leeched8
    Leeched is a British hardcore band, formed in 2017 in Manchester, UK....  more
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  • Bonesteel9


    Bonesteel is an alternative metal band from Los Angeles, CA....  more
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  • HARMED10
    HARMED is a Hungarian metal band founded in 2017 in Budapest. The group is comprised of...  more
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  • South Haven11

    South Haven

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  • Vagrants12


    Vagrants is an American post-hardcore band from Pensacola, FL. The group is comprised of...  more
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  • Earthshatter13
    Earthshatter is a Canadian metal band from Toronto. The group is comprised of vocalist Kyle...  more
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  • Saving Vice14
    Saving Vice is an independent American metalcore band from New England, founded in 2017. It is...  more
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  • Imonolith15
    Imonolith is a Canadian metal band from Vancouver. Drummer Ryan Van Poederooyen and guitarist...  more
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  • Ivy Crown16
    Ivy Crown is a Danish melodic metalcore band from Copenhagen....  more
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  • Toothgrinder17
    Toothgrinder is an American metal band from Asbury Park, New Jersey. Their debut album, I AM,...  more
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  • The Last Element18

    The Last Element

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  • The Last Element19
    The Last Element is a Dutch heavy metal band from Amsterdam, NL....  more
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