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the playable characters from Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X is a fighting game from the franchise of NetherRealm Studios. As usual, there's blood and guts as well as the classic display of exploding heads and torn limbs. What's different is more than a few characters added to the roster. Half are legacy characters, children and successors of past Mortal Kombatants, and a few are surprises like the actual Predator (the inspiration for the cyber-ninjas) and Jason (as a counterpoint to Freddy).

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    Erron Black

    Erron Black is a human gunslinger of the Old West and fighting for the side of evil. With his name, is it possible that he's related to the Black Dragon clan?  

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    Takeda Takahashi

    Takeda is the son of the blind swordsman Kenshi but is trained by Scorpion. As such, he learned to crack the razor whips that Scorpion utilizes, though he can use two at the same time.  

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    As ultimate hunting machine, it's no wonder the Predator wandered into the Mortal Kombat world. He's one of the DLC characters and is a hit. The Predator is the inspiration for the cybernetic ninjas that appeared in the sequel Mortal Kombat games, using the signature self-destructs sequence, razor nets, and projectiles.  

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    The previous Mortal Kombat game had Freddy Krueger as a special DLC character, and now Mortal Kombat X has Jason Voorhees in the bloody spotlight. Sporting his trademark machete, this undead serial killer is sure to please slasher fans.  

    Expect homages to his various kills from his signature movies.

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    Cassie Cage

    Johnny Cage married Sonya Blade?!? They may have divorced, but not without having a daughter, Cassie. A dog tag-wearing, blonde firecracker, she takes after both her mom and dad. A skilled fighter, she leads the next generation of Mortal Kombatants.

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    Tremor is a palette-swapped ninja, and following the theme of the other ninjas, he represents an elemental affinity. Sub-Zero is ice, Scorpion is fire, Smoke is air, Rain is water, and now Tremor is earth.  

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