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Mortal Kombat X is the latest fighting game from the franchise from NetherRealm.  As usual, there's blood and guts, exploding heads and torn limbs.  What's different would be more than a few new characters added to the roster.  Half are legacy characters, children and successors of past mortal Kombatants and a few are surprises like the actual Predator, (inspiration for the cyberninjas) and Jason (as a counterpoint to Freddy from that last game).  

A new wrinkle would be being able to play three different variations of the same characters, adding a whole new moveset or ability exclusive to that version.  With new costumes, they might be considered as a whole new person instead of just a palette swap (which was what happened to the original ninjas).

But either way, who's the best of the newest Mortal Kombatant?
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Tremor is a palette swapped ninja and, following the theme of the other ninjas, he represents an elemental affinity.  Sub-Zero is ice, Scorpion is fire, Smoke is air, Rain is water and now Tremor is earth.  
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Erron Black

Erron Black is a human gunslinger but fighting for the side of evil.  With his name, is it possible that he's related to the Black Dragon clan?  
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As ultimate hunting machine, it's no wonder the Predator wandered into the Mortal Kombat world.  He's one of the DLC characters and is sure to be a hit.  The Predator is the inspiration for the cybernetic ninjas that appeared in the sequel Mortal Kombat games, using the signature self-destructs sequence, razor nets and projectile attacks.  Now players can play with the real deal.

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Takeda is the son of the blind swordsman Kenshi but is trained by Scorpion.  As such, he learned to crack the razor whips that Scorpion utilizes, though he is trained to use two at the same time.  
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