The Best New Netflix Shows That Have Premiered in 2020

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Only brand-new shows on Netflix that have premiered so far in 2020

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The best new Netflix shows of 2020 are either already binge-watched or waiting on our watchlists for the next free evening. From original dramas, sci-fi, action, and comedies to thrilling new reality competition shows and fascinating docuseries, Netflix has definitely been increasing their output of original series in 2020 and we aren't complaining. This list ranks the best 2020 Netflix Original premieres, making it easier to find what shows to prioritize.

The new year started on with a little bit of everything from the dramatic thriller Messiah to the inventive reality series The Circle. Netflix’s 2020 lineup promises to keep our binge schedule full, with some of the most anticipated series yet to come.

What are the best new Netflix series of 2020? Vote up the best new shows people can add to their watchlist below.

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